A team sourced from some of the most trusted names in technology.

About Us

We are a US-based energy storage company that architects and assembles advanced commercial and utility-grade energy storage solutions, backed by a bankable warranty and 30+ years of experience.

Our team has built world-class solutions for SpaceX, Tesla and Romeo Power, with a proficiency in quick-to-market solutions in mission-critical environments.

Smarter customers and a smarter marketplace

Simplify. De-risk. Incentivize.

Creating a world sustained by clean energy requires education, transparency and trust. At PositivEnergy, we invest in business solutions to reduce customer risk and the partner education that empowers their decision making. We’re building smarter customers and a smarter marketplace. 

30+ Years of Experience

Our team has been innovating in the energy storage sector for 30 years. In the 90s our lead engineer created the first liquid-cooled battery, in the 2000s with the super-dense batteries found in new ground & space vehicles, and recently on behalf of commercial concerns across the globe.

Founder & CEO

Ed Wise

Ed Wise is the former President of Energy Storage Systems and Chief Revenue Officer at Romeo Power Technology. He has served on executive teams at Turner, Pinterest, CBSi and nearly a dozen other tech and media firms. Ed was a graduate of the Syraucse Newhouse school and a prestigious member of the Forward 50.
Cofounder & President

Stephano Kim

Stephano Kim was the Chief Strategy Officer at AT&T WarnerMedia and a Co-founder at Blackboard. He’s developed and scaled multiple data-automation platforms and has invested in more than 40 startups, with a focus on technology and enterprise analytics.
Chief Technical Advisor

Porter Harris

Porter Harris is the former Battery Lead at SpaceX, reporting directly to Elon Musk and a Co-founder at Romeo Power Technologies. He’s the CEO at Power.Global and the Chief technical Advisor for PositivEnergy.
Technical Advisor

Davion Hill

Davion Hill is global thought-leader on energy storage and the former Energy Storage Lead at DNV GL, the Chairman Emeritus, NAATBatt and the Vice Chair, NY-BEST. Davion currently serves as the Technical Advisor for PositivEnergy where he guides the company’s technical partnerships.
Philanthropic Advisor

Michael Marinello

Michael Marinello served as the Head of Communications for C40 Cities at the Bloomberg Sustainability Initiative, was the head of Global Communications for Bloomberg LP and the Director of IW Communications at Microsoft. Michael serves as an advisor to PositivEnergy on government and philanthropic initiatives.

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