We envision a world free of fossil fuels.

EV Infrastructure

Designed, developed, certified and Made in USA.

Energy Storage

Custom ESS to maximize returns, improve resiliency and reduce fossil fuel dependency.

Lifetime Warranty

PositivCare is the first end-to-end coverage and care platform to de-risk your transition to renewables.

We’re on a mission to make renewable energy easy, risk-free and accessible to all.

We’re different


We power smarter customers and a smarter marketplace. Creating a world fueled by renewable energy requires education, transparency and trust. At PositivEnergy, we invest in technology to advance the industry and business solutions that educate the marketplace, reduce risk and incentivize renewable energy adoption at a global scale.


We’re committed to transparent sourcing so our customers know exactly what they are getting and how it will improve their business before it’s installed.


Creating a world free of energy pollution requires the boldness to see beyond current limitations. Our solutions are customized for each project and always pay for themselves.

With more than three decades of experience in renewable energy technologies, PositivEnergy has solved for the most challenging aspects of deploying EV infrastructure and energy storage.

Build with...


Follow along while we build a world free of fossil fuels or request more information.