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Cleaner, Cheaper and Longer Lasting

As energy storage costs decline, businesses are choosing to move off of their dirty, lead acid and diesel backup UPS systems to PositivEnergy lithium-ion solutions.

Lithium-ion is longer lasting, maintains a larger capacity and is significantly more efficient than lead acid. Diesel generators take ages to boot up and spew toxic carbons into the atmosphere making them non-starters for mission-critical resiliency. Battery energy storage systems can be paired with renewable generation solutions to completely replace diesel generators in many cases.

vs lead acid


Reduced carbon footprint

Lithium-ion produces 1/3rd the carbon emissions of lead-acid.

Reduced true cost of ownership

Save 40% over the lifespan of the battery.

Longer lasting

3x the lifespan, and drastically reduced maintenance costs with NO gaps in warranty coverage.

what about diesel?



Unlike diesel generators, lithium-ion storage produces no harmful emissions.

Reduced true cost of ownership

Save on fuel and maintenance costs. Reduce on-site liability associated with fuel deliveries and constant mechanical support. No mechanical breakdowns and instant switch-over.

Pair with renewable generation

PE lithium-ion solutions can be paired with renewables like wind and solar to replace diesel generation.

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