Backup Power / UPS

Our advanced lithium-ion based systems reduce the true cost of ownership by up to 50% with a 10-year fully bankable warranty. No maintenance, remote monitoring and environmentally friendly.

Simplify. De-risk. Incentivize.

Creating a world sustained by clean energy requires education, transparency and trust. At PositivEnergy, we invest in business solutions to reduce customer risk and the partner education that empowers their decision making. We’re building smarter customers and a smarter marketplace.

Technology Agnostic

Other companies sell you the hardware they create. We architect projects to fit your needs using 17+ approved suppliers to make sure your capital investment pays back quickly.

Fully Configurable

An architected solution built specifically for your project. Highly efficient but configurable on the fly and monitored remotely.

Bankable Warranty

The PositivCare service platform fills in all the service and warranty gaps so your never left with an outdated or inoperable system.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring makes PositivEnergy systems easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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