Utility Scale Energy Storage Solutions

Product Range: 35MW+

Utility-grade energy storage is key to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and advancing renewable energy adoption. Utilities worldwide are converting fossil-fuel-based generation to more sustainable options like solar and wind, but this requires resilient, safe, and efficient energy storage.

The PositivEnergy Utility-Grade Energy Storage Solution is a flexible platform designed to store energy for a wide range of applications. While standard configurations are available, the solution is most efficient when built around specific project requirements.

Our approach is technology agnostic. We scope each utility-scale energy storage project based on inputs from your team. We then design, engineer, manufacture, and integrate the systems to order, using the most efficient resources for each project. These systems provide a total solution that consists of the hardware and software needed to store and discharge energy.

Technology Agnostic

Other companies sell you the hardware they create. We architect projects to fit your needs using 17+ approved suppliers to make sure your capital investment pays back quickly.

Fully Configurable

An architected solution built specifically for your project. Highly efficient but configurable on the fly and monitored remotely.

Bankable Warranty

The PosiCare service platform fills in all the service and warranty gaps so your never left with an outdated or inoperable system.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring makes PositivEnergy systems easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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