A future free of fossil fuels.

This is PositivEnergy.

Exceed Your Clean Energy Goals

The IPCC energy goals have never been more achievable with the right team by your side.

Develop New Revenue Streams

We’re not just peak-shaving anymore. It’s easier than ever to turn your energy-generation into a major revenue stream.

Delight Guests

With the new PE GreenOps platform, experiential installs and an industry-leading earned-media game.

We are battery architects, driven by a desire to make the benefits of clean energy easy, risk-free and available to all.

PositivEnergy is changing the way the world deploys renewables.

Technology Agnostic

Other companies sell you the hardware they create. We architect projects to fit your needs using 17+ approved suppliers to make sure your capital investment pays back quickly.


We close the warranty, service and maintenance gaps to de-risk projects, accelerating adoption and introducing predictability into your payback forecast.


Understanding the nuanced incentive structures, service gaps and recent technological advancements is our full-time job. It shouldn’t be yours.

There has never been a better time to invest in clean energy.

Storage prices are falling.

Storage prices have reached an inflection point, enabling more projects to reach profitability.

Customers are demanding change.

Now more than ever, customers show their appreciation to businesses that divest themselves of disease-causing dirty energy.

Governments are incentivizing.

We track rule-making to maximize your incentives. Governments are becoming the catalyst for progressive energy projects.


Lead-acid & Diesel

Understanding the risks associated with legacy technologies.

Energy Pollution Increases Mortality in Covid-19 Cases

Ready to go clean for good?

Three Energy Storage Mistakes That Will Cost You Millions



Brandable ad inventory built on PE clean energy platforms.

We built a team with some of the most trusted names in energy & technology.


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